Thursday, January 6, 2011


Spin Class 2011:

It's that time to start up the spin class here at Trained By Cain Studio. Come join licensed cycling coach Rick Cain for classes that are dedicated in helping participants improve strength, endurance, and technique. Classes are geared  around improving real world cycling ability. THIS IS NOT A NORMAL MUSIC ORIENTED SPIN CLASS but a dedicated cycling training session. With consistency and determination these classes will  make you FASTER!

Price - $125 for 2 classes per week for 11 weeks
Schedule - Tuesday/Thursday 7:15pm(setup)-8:30pm
Classes Start - January 11th- March 24th


After a huge turnout for the early sign up the P.M. classes are pretty much full. I will check and see how the numbers look after tonight's class to see if there are any available spots left and will post a follow up. Please contact me before showing up if you are NOT prepaid and signed up for the class. There are still a few remaining spots in both the Mon/Wed/Fri 6-7am classes and the Tues/Thur's 12-1pm classes. Contact me if your interested in these classes and I will work out a price for the next 11 weeks of class!

Thanks to all of you for your support and dedication to Trained By Cain Studio. Your loyalty is evident in the success I see in your smiling faces and shrinking waistlines. Keep up all the hard work and lets see what level we can take our fitness in 2011!


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