Monday, December 28, 2009



That's right roll up your sleeves for Macon's most published and blogged about Boot Camps! In trying to build upon last years success and a desire to raise the bar of the challenge some changes are taking place. This year we will raise the stakes and turn a leaf to a program that started it all.

- Cost $250

- Price includes - health screening before and after the competition, 2 fit/boot camps per week, and 1/30 minute training session.

- The Skinny Challenge will be limited to 12 competitors.

- Challenge last 12 weeks from January 2 through - March 27th

- Competition will last 12 weeks - starting January 2nd and ending March 27th

- Each week a mandatory weigh in will be held to determine each competitors weight lost. The person with the lowest % weight lost will be eliminated from the challenge. While the competitor might be eliminated from the challenge they may continue with training at no additional charge.

- Grand Prize $500+ in cash and prizes

- Will have runner up prizes for 2nd place and the eliminated person who looses the most weight out of competition.

Schedule - Choose 1 camp from the regular schedule listed below during the week. Saturday will host a special Skinny Challenge Camp from 10-11a.m. Personal Training session will be determined between the competitors and trainer Rick Cain.

Standard Fit Camp Schedule -

- 6 week program

- Cost $100 for 3 classes per week or $150 for all access pass to all classes - THAT'S ONLY $5 per class. Single class drop in rate of $8 per class.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 5:30-7a.m.

Tuesday/Thursday - 5:30-7p.m.

Saturday - 8:30-10a.m.


Not up for the entire 1 1/2 hr class or if your schedule doesn't allow or if you aren't ready for the true challenge that comes with a longer workout, just drop in for a hour.


This is brand new for 2010 and I hope that for those that have schedules that rotate around your children or live life on a different shift other than 9-5 this will be your chance to join me for a great mid-morning boot camp!

-Cost - $8 per class or $10 per week! or 42 classes for $175

-Schedule - January - May 27th

-Tuesday/Thursday - 9:30-10:30a.m.


This is another brand new class for 2010! Some of you might know that a few years ago I instructed Spin classes here in Macon. My classes centered on trying to teach non-cyclist the pleasure of what it was like to train as a REAL cyclist. This way of training is back for those of you looking to change up your training or just keep on the bike through the cold winter months.

There will be several stationary bikes available but this class will focus on people with bikes and stationary trainers that they can bring in. Storage for trainers will be available for those that are not interested in lugging their trainers around.

- Cost $8 per class, $10 per week, or all 24 classes for $100

- Schedule - January - March 31st

- Monday/Wednesday 6:30-7:30p.m.

Show up early to set your bike up and get that crucial warm up in!

For more information or questions about any of these classes contact:

Rick Cain - or 478-501-3844

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jones Clinic offers Home to fit camp until January

Without going into deep detail of what happened with my former employer, we will just say we had a difference of opinion that couldn't be reconciled and in that my employment was terminated. With that in mind and thanks to my great friends Dr. Tom Jones, E. Jones, and Steve and Lori Parker at The Jones Center for offering Trained By Cain and all fit campers use of the cardio space located at their offices.

The Jones Center

265 Sheraton Blvd.

Suite 100

Macon, Ga.

Schedule for the remainder of December:

Thursday 12/17 5:30-7pm

Saturday 12/19 8:30-10am

Monday 12/21 6-7pm

Tuesday 12/22 6-7pm

Wednesday 12/23 6-7pm

Monday 12/28 6-7pm

Tuesday 12/29 6-7pm

Wednesday 12/30 6-7pm


Email or call for more details or directions:

Rick Cain


Friday, November 27, 2009


You had your reasons why you couldn't make it to the Kick the Turkey Boot Camp, well it's time
you stopped making excuses and started thinking about your health. Most Americans gain weight during the holidays that they struggle to ever loose and this weight ads up year after year until it starts causing health problems. Don't let this happen to you! The time is now to keep moving through the holidays and through winter so you can leave the cold and that weight behind in the Spring! Decembers Special Boot Camp starts next week 11/30

SCHEDULE: 11/30-12/31 Classes will be out for both Christmas/New Years holidays.

Monday/Wednesday 6-7a.m.
Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-7p.m.
Saturday 8:30-10a.m.

Drop in rate of $8 per class or $70 for unlimited access for the entire month!

Email me if you have any questions:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I may not know what the cure for cancer is but I sure do know what prevention looks like.

This past weekend I participated in the Susan G. Komens Race for the Cure. My way of participating is in volunteering and helping out any way I can and in fact this was my 6th year helping out with a Susan G. Komens event. Over the years I have had many different titles and jobs that have introduced me to some incredible people all affected by cancer in their own very personal ways.
Being a personal trainer has me on the front end of the battle against cancer in the form of making healthy choices in life style and eating habits. Like many things it is easier to do all you can to prevent something from happening than waiting for it to put you at deaths doorstep searching for a cure. Obesity and sedentary lifestyles are 2 common threads that transcend all forms of cancer and an endless stream of health and quality of life issues.
Above you will see what my form of prevention looks like in my personal life. It's in the form of a running streak that I started back in April and an endless line of worn out shoes. Now here I am 204+ days of continuous running and somewhere around 1,250 + miles. I didn't really keep track of shoes but thanks to an awesome client/friend and local Grasshopper, I just received a brand new pair of much need shoes. So in my mind I see a great friend passing a gift on to me that very well might prevent some horrible health issue.
So in that same thought I began to think of ways I could pass that way of thinking onto the event that has become such an integrated part of my life and here are a couple of things I would like to do:

1. Find a way that allows more volunteers and core personal affiliated with the race a way to practice what they preach and participate in the event and be active and healthy on a regular basis.
2. Eliminate all the nasty snack food, candy, and pizza brought in for volunteers. I feel sure there will be some kicking and screaming but we have to learn to practice what we preach and lead by example. So there has to be a way to eliminate these horrible food choices and replace them with appropriate smart choices.

That brings me to my final thought when it comes to diet and what is available to the hard working people of downtown. As you probably saw on my facebook page today I decided to break down one eating establishments lunch special. This is going to become a weekly thing for me and while I don't think I can change the world with a blog or on facebook, I just might help some of you make some better decisions and encourage some accountability. So the plan is to hit a restaurant once a week and break down their special or most popular items.

Until then be active, manage your portions, and encourage others to get up and get out and exercise,


Friday, September 4, 2009

Special offer to Labor Day Road Race Participants and RUN FIT SPORTS CLIENTS!




If so, bring in your race number or customer card to take advantage of a 50 % off personal training or $10 off fit camp special from Rick Cain and Gateway Fitness Studio. This special offer applies to regular rates and can not be used with any other specials or discounts. Time and space is limited so don't waste time debating something that is sure to help you run faster!
For more details email me at or call 478-501-3844
Thanks and enjoy the holiday weekend!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Challenge yourself this week start a streak!

No, not that kind of streak but more the type that centers on you finding time to exercise every day. During my life beyond spending time with my son, I find most of my bliss cycling, running, or something outdoors each day. To go a day without exercise is like going a day without coffee, the day just doesn't feel complete. So here's the challenge to you all - START AN EXERCISE STREAK! The rules are very simple:
1. You have to exercise each day for at least 30 minutes.
2. Get outside as much as possible. We live in a great city that has limitless opportunities for outdoor
activities. Make a point to use this as a reason to explore
all of Bibb Counties parks and green spaces.
That's it! After a week we will see who has decided to take back control of their lives and put health on the front burner of happiness.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Running On Accountability

Running On Accountability :

If you were to ask any of my clients they would probably tell you that the past few weeks I have been a little extra sharp. They might say that my words were at times excessively harsh and maybe the workouts slightly too demanding. After debating this issue with a few clients I decided to explain myself with both personal training and group clients in the form of an "Accountability Meeting".
The need for this was obvious in the way we all were acting towards our health and training. I had noticed that it just seemed like there was a collective stall that had occurred and almost everyone had lost sight or track of their goals. This derailment was obvious in the way clients had started showing up later and later, putting weight back on, and just unable or unwilling to push it to the limit while training. I needed to put the brakes on this and do it fast! So the meeting put several key demands on my clients and myself.

1. Show up ready to go and give it your all! We all have great, good, and not so good days but regardless 100% for that day is always available. It may mean that one day a person can run all the way to the top floor without stopping and then another day that same person can only make it to the 3rd floor but it will still be the best they can do.

2. Each week we have to find ways to get 8+ hours of cardio in. This doesn't include every minute of my class or any other class or dvd. What I and 100's of professionals in the business see as cardio is the period of exercise where you SUSTAIN a target heart rate for X amount of minutes. After training for bike races and such for all these years I learned that while a proper warm-up and cool down is great, it really isn't correct to count this as part of the workout. So lets take the average spinning class, I have instructed these before so I feel comfortable breaking it down.

Average Spinning Class is scheduled for a 1hr block at a gym.

5 minutes for setup and allow for everyone to arrive

5-10 minute warm-up

35-40 minutes of actual cardio which is most of the time anaerobic

5-10 minute cool down

So in reality there is really only a 35-40 minute period where you are actually in that "pure" cardio zone. To the left you can see a basic chart of heart rate/exercise zones. Simply put Anaerobic exercise burns up the quick energy stored in your muscles in the form of glycogen or sugar if you will. This is easy access, quick burning energy that comes from eating simple sugars carbohydrates etc. Staying in this zone burns up your glycogen storage's and your body likes this zone, it's easy to convert this fuel into energy and it's easy to replace. The primitive part of the body and it's physiology is set up to use Anaerobic "exercise" zones to fuel flight or fight situations, think of the Gazelle and the Cheetah.

This fuel is available but it doesn't last long and like the chase it will generally end in life or death after a short period of time. So at the end of a primarily anaerobic workout you feel exhausted, throw a few high fives around and head home. The only problem is that the first meal you sit down too after that workout is most likely going to replace all that simple fuel you just burned off! So that's why I think classes such as mine or anyone's are great for general fitness and core strength but mean little to turning on those fat burners. I won't even compare the average dvd workout since those things are CRAP! and I will save my breakdown of those for a later blog.

In the chart above it's surprising to see that most fat burning occurs at a relatively low heart rate. This is a slow burn that only occurs with a constant steady pace along with a constant regulated heart rate. This physiology comes from back in the days of our wandering/gathering ancestors and the need for efficient fuel for long days of looking for food and going long periods without. Lets face it, the instinct for us all is to over eat and conserve energy by relaxing. This life would be great but in excess it leads to what we all are struggling with each day. The urge to eat way too much and in turn do way too little exercise. So that brings me up to point/challenge number three.

3. Let's all, including myself, keep a log of what we eat and the type and duration of exercise we participate in for a week. Counting calories will come later but this first week is to establish the habit of recalling and being honest about what is happening each day. Everything does count, it doesn't matter if it's a diet coke or a piece of candy, it matters. A well kept exercise/food diary is one of the constants I see with all my clients that are successful.

Anyone who trains with me knows that I work with my clients. I work with them when it comes to their budgets and I work with them when it comes to their schedules and goals. One of the biggest insults as a trainer is to take a huge hit in the pocket to get someone through the door and then in return they show their gratitude by not showing up on time, constantly rescheduling, no showing, and most importantly not taking the experience seriously. When I sit down and justify a "good deal" I think well "if this person is successful and reaches their goals, they will tell friends and bring me more business". This strategy only works in the client is 1. successful 2. encourages their friends. So in the end my clients are walking/running/cycling advertisements for my business and when they fail they are walking advertisement of my failure. There are several things have to take place in this situation, I have to find out where the breakdown is occurring and fix it. I feel that in this situation the breakdown is occurring in accountability. Accountability in both directions, I have become tolerant and maybe to kind in my expectations and in return my clients have put the bar up so low it's impossible to see positive changes. So I hope that turning over this new leaf in accountability will have a positive turn for all of us.
So that brings up the "Running On Accountability" theme of this blog. I never expect anything of anyone else that I am not willing to do myself. Last night is a prime example of what I am talking about. Over the last 3 months I have ran every day without fail for 40-90 minutes sometimes more. I might incorporate cycling or some other activity in my workouts but the running is always there. I think running/walking is something everyone for the most part can do and by finding time everyday to fit it in I am leading by example. I understand that not everyone can go ride a bike for 80 miles on a Tuesday but certainly you can fit a 40 minute walk/run into each day, so I do it!
This past weekend was the weekend before my sons 6th birthday and time was extremely limited for exercise. I went on a bike ride yesterday afternoon but after spending most of the morning/afternoon hunting down one final gift for him I missed out on the chance to run. I spent the evening with him playing Wii and had a blast but the thought of missing that run was weighing on my mind. I thought "oh shut up you did ride so your not being a total bumb" but then the thoughts of all the comments about accountability I have made to my clients kept coming up. "You can make time" or "you can find time it's there" and "if you have to get up at 5a.m. to do it, well what are you waiting for, no excuses!", echoed in my head over and over. So after getting home I headed out the door at 11:05 p.m. to get in that run. I am not going to say that I didn't find being out there so late to be crazy a few times but with each step I felt better. Then half way through the run I met another guy running in the other direction and for that brief second under the street lights of Ridge Avenue we acknowledge one another in this sweaty labor breath "Hello" and right there I knew I was doing the right thing. We all struggle with the same challenges but deal with them in different ways. The main thing we all have to do is seperate the reasons from the excuses and get off our butts and get out and do it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trained by Cain - The Credentials

Ricky Cain -

Born - March 26, 1972, Atlanta, Ga.

Raised - Primarily in Cary N.C. but educated in life all over the U.S.

Primary Certifications and Experience

- Certified Personal Trainer

- USCF Licensed Cycling Coach/Trainer

- Accomplished Mountain Bike and Road Bike Racer of 18 years

Fitness Certifications

- A.F.A.A. Certified Personal Trainer

- U.S.C.F. Licensed Cycling Coach/Trainer

- Certified Mad Dog Spinning Instructor

- Wilderness First Responder

- C.P.R. Certification

- A.E.E. High Ropes Certification

- B.S.A. Certification in Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking Instruction

- A.C.A. Whitewater Canoe Certification

- Project Learning Tree Certification

Formal Education

- Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Education, Georgia College and State University 1998


- Category III Road Bike Racer and Expert Level Mountain Bike Racer, Licensed by the U.S.C.F.

-Competed in over 100 Sanctioned Events from Georgia to Hawaii

- Rode Across the U.S. from Anacortes, Washington to Savannah, Georgia Spring/Summer of 2003. Covered 4,500 miles in 47 days. Ride was a fund raiser and awareness ride for Alzheimers and my Granny who passed away due to complications from the disease.

-Was featured on the cover of Bicycling Magazines January 2000 issue. I was also featured as a product and clothing model in many cycling related catalogs.

-Hiked the Appalachian Trail from Amicola Falls to Bryson City.

- To date I have cycled over 100,000 miles.

- I am currently on day 60 of a 1+ hr a day running streak.

Events/Civic Activities

-1997 Organized, promoted, and sponsored The Oconee Grassroots Mountain Bike Festival in Milledgeville, Ga. This event brought over 200 cyclists and families from all over the S.E. to compete in a weekend of racing and fun.

-1998/1999 helped to organize a group and build 2 still existing mountain bike trails in Macon, one at East Macon Rec. Center and one at The Georgia Industrial Children's Home.

-1999 Organized a kids mountain bike club on the island of Molokai

-2002 Rode cross country for Alzheimer's awareness

-2004 Susan G. Komens Cycle for the Cure/Tour de Georgia - Race Director and Co-Chair

-2005 Katrina T-shirt drive, collected over 3,000 t-shirts for the victims.

-2005 Susan G. Komens Cycle for the Cure/Tour de Georgia - Race Director and Co-Chair

-2006 Max Cycling Time Trial Series - Race Chair, Director, and Promoter

-2006 Susan G. Komens Cycle for the Cure/Tour de Georgia - Race Director and Co-Chair

-2007 Susan G. Komens Cycle for the Cure/Tour de Georgia - Race Director and Co-Chair

-2008 Susan G. Komens Race for the Cure Site coordinator and Course Director

-2008 Moonlight Miles Sponsor Volunteer

-2009 Al Toll Memorial 5k/15k sponsor

-2004-2009 Max Cycling Team Owner/Operator/Director/Racer - The Team has sponsored and volunteered at over 20 regional cycling events and triathlons.