Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dieting Myth-Busters Education Class May 14th and 16th - FREE!

Throughout history fad diets have come on gone. Some remain just below the surface in the form of multilevel marketing operations and others in the side bars of our favorite websites. With this constant exposure to false advertising, the business of Fad Diet's has grown to scary levels with Americans spending over $70 billion on fad diet plans in 2010. In the end fad diet plans don't work and almost every pound lost ends up being multiple pounds gained down the road.

Come join Rick Cain at Trained By Cain Studios for a special class that will address fad diets and the simple secrets behind weight-loss. The class will cover inexpensive tools that are available in the digital age that make losing those extra pounds easier than ever and bust the hundreds of myths around dieting, exercise, and weight-loss. Knowledge is the best way to protect the consumer against being a sucker to these scams that are so dangerous to the wallet and health.

Saturday May 14th - 11am-12pm
 Monday May 16th- 12pm-1pm.



   Trained By Cain Studio
419 Cherry Street
Macon, Ga. 31201


Rick Cain