Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grand Opening-Class Schedule-Celebration

From there to now, 37 years in the making and by no means am I near the end of the road of my business plan. April 2ND will mark several milestones for me that transcend my personal, professional, and active life.
First off join my family and myself and come by the studio to celebrate the grand opening of Trained By Cain Studio. I would love to find my High School guidance counselor that told me that "unless you can find a way to make money delivering t.v.'s with v.c.r.'s and suspension notices to classrooms, I don't see much of a future for you" and show her where I am now. I never thought when I threw a leg over a mountain bike for my first race in 1992 would set my wheels in motion towards this business, lifestyle, and future. Little did I realize that years and years of training and conditioning myself for bicycle racing would lend itself to helping others live healthier more active lifestyles. Now I am in a position to do something that really makes a difference in the community. This is just phase one of a much bigger plan and I look forward to bringing the rest of my dream to fruition in a city I have come to love and believe in.
The second thing that will occur the first week of April will be a personal fitness goal I set out to complete a year ago, run every day for 45+ minutes for 365 days. I only put on a number one time for the Labor Day 10k that I ran pushing my son in the jogging stroller for the last time. This goal had nothing to do with time, miles, or any glory outside the sheer fact that I did it. Almost every aspect of my business plan was sparked and sharpened on the very streets and trails of the city that now call the home of my business. Does that mean I am going to stop now? Heck no! It just means it's time to figure out the next goal.
The last thing to celebrate that weekend will be the conlcusion of the very first Skinny Challenge at the new studio. This group of 7 has lost a collective 60 pounds since the start of the challenge and each contender has had more than his/her fair share of struggles. For some, it was a matter of learning how to keep track of eating/caloric intake and dietary needs. For others, it's the classic struggle of learning how to put health and well being on the front burner of priorities. I have truly enjoyed this experience and look forward to doing it again.
The next round of Fit/Boot Camp starts April 5th - Cost $100 for 3 classes per week or $150 for all access pass to all available classes! $8 per class drop in rate when space allows.
MON/WED/FRI - 5:30-7a.m.
TUES/THURS - 5:30-7p.m. and SAT - 8:30-10a.m.
TUES/THURS - 9:30-10:30a.m.
TUES/THURS - 12-1p.m.
Space will fill up quick so sign up will be open March 15th on a first come/pay basis. Space is limited so don't wait until it's too late! If the 1 1/2 hour classes are a little long for your ability or schedule doesn't allow, feel free to drop in for the beginner hour classes that start at 6 a.m. MON/WED/FRI, 6 p.m. TUES/THURS, and 9 a.m. SAT.
To sign up drop by:
Trained By Cain Studio
419 Cherry St.
Macon, Ga. 31201
For more info contact Ricky Cain:

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  1. Congratulations, Rick! So proud of you!!