Friday, April 9, 2010

And the Winner is...........

- In case you were sleeping or making up excuses why you can't find time to workout, the results of the Skinny Challenge are in!!

-Trained By Cain Studio is pleased to announce that Diana J. won the skinny challenge with close to 20 pounds lost in a 12 week period. Like most the first 2-3 weeks of the challenge were about learning how to be consistent with exercise and diet and working out a system that worked with her individual needs to promote health and weight loss. It was my pleasure to be a part of this experience and to say I am proud is a huge understatement. As with any challenge there were those that struggled more than others and those that are still trying to find that key to unlock the next level of wellness.

-Each time I decide to hold one of these challenges there is always that feeling of guilt that runs in the back of my mind about the whole concept of declaring a "winner". I see every person that continues to exercise and push their limits, wellness, and weight loss a year from now to be a true winner. I think of last years winner Ginny C. and the trials and hardships she has faced over the past year and the fact she still keeps the weight off and stays focused on her health to be the bar I hold over everyone of my clients. Think of those who last year saw huge improvements in their health only to drop the ball, loose sight of the prize, and put the weight back on. I wonder how they feel in the eyes of Ginny's accomplishments? I wonder how seriously they are working at getting back control of their health? So while I am encouraged with this past challenge I would ask each one of the participants to look at the numbers and ask:


The Statistics:

Participants - 7

Groups combined total starting weight- 1,277 pounds - end weight - 1,190.5

At 2-4 pounds per week the group should of lost - 182-364 pounds - actual total - 86.5

Expected % weight loss estimate - 22.6 - actual total - 6.77

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