Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I may not know what the cure for cancer is but I sure do know what prevention looks like.

This past weekend I participated in the Susan G. Komens Race for the Cure. My way of participating is in volunteering and helping out any way I can and in fact this was my 6th year helping out with a Susan G. Komens event. Over the years I have had many different titles and jobs that have introduced me to some incredible people all affected by cancer in their own very personal ways.
Being a personal trainer has me on the front end of the battle against cancer in the form of making healthy choices in life style and eating habits. Like many things it is easier to do all you can to prevent something from happening than waiting for it to put you at deaths doorstep searching for a cure. Obesity and sedentary lifestyles are 2 common threads that transcend all forms of cancer and an endless stream of health and quality of life issues.
Above you will see what my form of prevention looks like in my personal life. It's in the form of a running streak that I started back in April and an endless line of worn out shoes. Now here I am 204+ days of continuous running and somewhere around 1,250 + miles. I didn't really keep track of shoes but thanks to an awesome client/friend and local Grasshopper, I just received a brand new pair of much need shoes. So in my mind I see a great friend passing a gift on to me that very well might prevent some horrible health issue.
So in that same thought I began to think of ways I could pass that way of thinking onto the event that has become such an integrated part of my life and here are a couple of things I would like to do:

1. Find a way that allows more volunteers and core personal affiliated with the race a way to practice what they preach and participate in the event and be active and healthy on a regular basis.
2. Eliminate all the nasty snack food, candy, and pizza brought in for volunteers. I feel sure there will be some kicking and screaming but we have to learn to practice what we preach and lead by example. So there has to be a way to eliminate these horrible food choices and replace them with appropriate smart choices.

That brings me to my final thought when it comes to diet and what is available to the hard working people of downtown. As you probably saw on my facebook page today I decided to break down one eating establishments lunch special. This is going to become a weekly thing for me and while I don't think I can change the world with a blog or on facebook, I just might help some of you make some better decisions and encourage some accountability. So the plan is to hit a restaurant once a week and break down their special or most popular items.

Until then be active, manage your portions, and encourage others to get up and get out and exercise,


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  1. just curious- what are your feelings on mcdonald's huge sponsorship of the olympics?